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Multi-Language Support

With multi-language support, you can enable your e-commerce site to serve with different language options. T-Soft e-commerce software is used in more than 10 different languages, serving the sites. T-Soft e-commerce with UTF-8 code support can serve in Latin alphabets as well as in alphabets containing different characters, such as Cyrillic alphabet and Arabic alphabet. Also, the e-commerce site can serve in languages written from left to right as well as in languages written from right to left.

The customer can select the language option from the language change drop-down box, which is located mostly in the upper left corner of the e-commerce site and enable the site to serve in that language. The customer is able to complete the order from the moment he makes his choice until the end of the order, without seeing any content in any language other than the language he chooses on all the pages he has visited, and even the e-mail messages he receives after the order can be done according to the language he has chooses.

The e-commerce site manager can observe which language preferences each order is made in the order panel, and can analyse how much language preferences customers use.

Multi-Language Support Search Engine Optimization Features;

Multi-language support has been planned with regard to search engine optimization, considering all the details. In each language option of the e-commerce site, the link addresses of each category, product, content page can be edited according to the relevant language option. With this feature, search engines can index each e-commerce site separately for each language. On the other hand, since there may not be such a comprehensive management team on every e-commerce site, this is not an obligation. For sites that do not have such a possibility, it is also possible for each language option to serve the corresponding link addresses through the same address.

Another feature at the search engine optimization point is that in the header fields (Meta Content) of the page in any language with rel=alternate tags, the link addresses in the other language options of that page are notified to the search engine.

Again, in each language option, header information such as (Title) and (Description) can be managed individually and search engines can successfully index the e-commerce site.

In any language selection, many SEO features such as giving information about the content language header are included in the e-commerce software within the scope of multi-language support and revised in parallel with the developments.

Multi-Language Web Service Usage;

With its advanced web service infrastructure, T-Soft offers an environment suitable for making many additional software, and with the help of web service, it is possible to define the product name, feature, etc. of the products in multi-language usage. One of the areas of use of this feature is to allow the product name and feature information in multiple languages to be transferred to the e-commerce site in commercial software integrations. For detailed information about T-Soft web service infrastructure, please click here

Multi-Language Support Admin Panel Features;

When an e-commerce site is requested to serve with an additional language option, the information corresponding to each word or sentence can be easily entered on a language file in a categorised way. For more than 10 language options, this information is ready in the outline. As new features are added to T-Soft e-commerce system, new fields are created in the language files and it is sufficient for the site administrator to enter the corresponding language in these fields.

In dynamic fields such as Product and Category, it is also possible to enter the corresponding fields for each language option on the page with product information entry or category information entry.

Ability to Show Different Content in Different Language Options

Since e-commerce sites are content and visual intensive sites, it is not always possible to prepare the equivalent of each content or image in the relevant language in every language option. Therefore, in many e-commerce sites, it is observed that features banner fields are the same in all languages. T-Soft e-commerce software also provides a great flexibility in this regard. With the block management module, each banner, content area or block part can be managed, in which language option can be displayed separately.

Multi-Platform Support

In addition to desktop e-commerce site, T-Soft e-commerce software provides language support for mobile e-commerce site, C2C marketplace projects, mobile application and private shopping site solutions. Our customers who use these solutions will be able to use multiple languages without any problems.

T-Soft e-commerce system is an alternative software for multi-language solutions with integrated features.

Multi-Currency Unit Support
From the Administration panel, you can enter the product prices in the currency unit you want, and your customer can complete the order by seeing the product prices from which currency unit he chose. MORE
Visitor Recognition Feature
Your site recognizes the customer's language according to the rules you set before, for that customer, your site's opening language and opening currency unit are automatically determined. MORE
  • When we say e-commerce, the first thing that comes to our mind is to sell to people that we don't see, don’t recognize, and we don’t know, without seeing, recognizing, or knowing, don't we?
    It seems very natural that you have no worries about sending products to every city if your business is operating in a city. So why don’t you send it to other countries? Don't think it's too hard to send abroad, anyway it is already very difficult to e-commerce for someone else, but how easy it is to do it.
    "A man is an enemy of what he doesn't know" Our ancestors said, With doing e-commerce in the country, selling products to the whole world is not very different. As a matter of fact, many e-commerce sites, that know this, make 20-30 percent of their monthly sales abroad.

    By the differences between countries, while product prices remain high in the domestic market, they can be very suitable in other countries. Logistics companies can now transport products all over the world. With POS solutions of banks, withdrawals can be made from credit cards anywhere in the world...

  • Multi Language Solution enables your e-commerce site to publish with different language options, and your customers can easily switch between languages. When you think that the e-commerce site is logically the same all over the world, with the choice of language, your customer can place his order at the convenience of shopping from a site in his own country.

    All text that customers will see in different language options can be easily entered. Hundreds of words and sentences have been translated for convenience to the e-commerce site administrator for the publication of the page in the relevant language for more than 10 language options. T-Soft e-commerce multi-language solution can be used in different alphabets and characters, such as Turkish, Persian, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Azerbaijani, German, English, French, Bosnian, which may differ from left to right - right to left depending on the type of writing.

  • For e-commerce sites, Multi-currency unit support allows the customer to see the product price in the preferred currency. The e-commerce site administrator may enter the prices of some products in TL, the prices of some products in USD, some in EURO or other units. Whichever currency the customer has chosen; he can see the prices in the currency he selects by converting the exchange rates on all the products.
    The customer can not only see the product prices through the currency he selects, but can also forward all the order processes with that currency and can see the amounts in the preferred currency, even in the e-mail he received after the order. E-commerce site can work with as many currencies as desired. If requested on e-commerce site, currency conversions can be made by taking the Exchange Rate Information automatically from the T. C. Central Bank. Upon request, the exchange rates can be entered manually.

  • "Is there more?" If you say ; Yes, there is!
    In addition to all these great features, we added another feature, and we crowned all these features.
    According to which language the visitor to your e-commerce site visits most, we welcome the customer by selecting the default language option and the default currency.
    If we elaborate a little more, if the visitor to your e-commerce website is Iranian, we can understand this information from his computer, open the site with Persian language, and show the Euro as the default currency. Moreover, you can create rules according to the possibilities.

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